As with everything else (tools, technology, etc.), Kawa, the wise person just uses what is good, and disregards the rest! smile

If there was no web, there wouldn't be this forum, for example ...

Especially when considered on a global basis, I believe that the web has liberated the minds of millions, generally "leveled the playing field" and given hope to many. Yes, there are negative aspects, but that has also been the case with other great advances (the motor car, antibiotics, air travel, abuse of chemicals, human rights legislation etc, etc.). I think we can safely assume that there will always be idiots about (and in relatively large numbers, unfortunately).

And (lastly), if it wasn't for the web, C-64 enthusiasts would have remained in the closet (as it were). But now there is a thriving "community" on line! I reckon that most of those good old machines would have simply been binned if it wasn't for eBay (and I write this glancing across at the pile of my own 8-bit "classics")!

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.