Wow! This thread is turning into a real therapy session! Looks like I may have found my true vocation after all!

Yeah, I remember WE. I went to their original shop once. Wasn't the bloke's name Jessa, or something similar? Unlike me (obviously), he became a millionaire, I believe. All those BBC Micro shadow RAM boards!

Talking of shadow RAM boards, I also visited Solidisk at Southend-on-Sea more years ago now than I care to remember. I had the honour there of meeting the main-man, a bloke from Hong Kong. A real genius guy, who worked in machine code. He was the sideways RAM guru. I bought a couple of (what we then called) Winchester drives off him after he was able to "interface" them with my BBC Master. We were running a "ViewStore" database for a project in Oman. That was in the days before I met dBASE (yeah, it was that long ago). Why do I feel old all of a sudden?

And Alan Winstanley has been the main-stay of those magazines for years. Without him, they would have folded (no pun intended) years ago.

For the record, I finally transferred my files from the Acorn ADFS 5.25" disks to Clone PC MS-DOS disks of the same size in 1988. Come to think of it, some of the propaganda I still use today dates back to my dear old Model B (with the Torch Z-80 card, don't you know). Wish I still had it (can't remember where it ended up. With one of the kids, I suppose)! <sigh>

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