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... with a typical hospital not having enough medical equipment

I don't know how you've got hold of that idea. That's not been my experience, at all!

I've been through all this before ... what is needed is a central NHS "returned equipment" warehouse. Or re-distribution point.

I happen to know (and so do the blokes concerned, who are "regulars" on the forum) where there are a pile of "de-commissioned" Graseby 500's (35 of them, I think it was), that, because of (shall we say) bureaucracy look like they're being consigned to the skip!

The other thing is ... why should an NHS manager buy kit from the auction? The tax-payer has already paid for it once! Frankly, the only person who would gain there is the auctioneer (nothing new there). frown

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.