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Of course, after seeing all this, my real question (like yours, no doubt) was "why" (that is, why go to the trouble of cloning the Beeb)? To "build a better mousetrap"? To produce a 200 Beeb (they were 400 back then, don't forget)? But, time was getting short (and I had other business to conduct), so I have yet to get a reply to that burning question.

This afternoon (at a secret location near Hull) I had the pleasure of a second visit to the den in question, and can now confirm that, yes, the idea was to do it more cheaply. The boys had got hold of a complete circuit diagram for the BBC Micro, and my man (being the electronics hardware wiz of what became the gang of four) realised that he could "knock on up" one himself.

At the time the whole thing was kept pretty much under wraps, as no-one was sure how Acorn would have reacted had they got wind of the project.

Sorry, but I can't disclose what the guy is working on at the moment! smile

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