Yes, a good effort. But best viewed with the sound turned off?

1) Technic Lego ... the successor to Meccano?

2) Analogue computers ... much overlooked in the "digital age", I reckon (and I write as someone who remembers such interesting kit as ball resolvers, and the famous "Navaid"* fitted in some of the early Chieftain tanks).

* Does anyone else remember those? They used to take a while to "precess", but once they had decided upon where North was, they were surprisingly accurate! Can anyone remember who made them (Sperry, GEC-Elliott ... or someone like that)? Happy Days, as my mate Tony Dowman (aka the Outcast) would say. Tony was a Rapier man, of course, which had analogue computing elements as well. Rapier ... well worth a go on YouTube!

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.