But the good news is that BBC Micro's and the like, costing around 400 back in 1983 (what would that be now?) now change hands for around 20 to 30. Still perfectly adequate for word processing and the like. How many do you want? smile

PS: there is an unused BBC Model B (still in original packing etc.) currently on eBay that looks like it might reach 200 ... but that is a rare, collector's item (I would love to own it, but needless to say, I won't be bidding)!

PPS: I'm still looking for the Inter-Base ROM from Computer Concepts. You could "flick" from Inter-Word to Inter-Chart to Inter-Base to Inter-Sheet (all in ROM) and "cut and paste" between them. Gonzo fast task switching (as in instant), plus a spell-checker in sideways RAM ... all on a 32 K 6502 8-bit machine. To my mind that's better than what I'm using right now (MS Office "suite", and all the rest).

PPPS: Also looking for C in a ROM for the BBC Micro (and other 6502 machines). Does such a beautiful thing exist at all, I wonder?

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