I wonder if we'll be seeing much more of this sort of thing? You know, for other "classics" such as the BBC Micro*, Tatung Einstein, Dragon, etc., etc.

Interesting though that folk reckon there is a market for born again retros. Maybe there is, but somehow I have my doubts.

If you want a proper retro machine, you can pick one up off eBay for a lot less than the amount mentioned. Or if you just want emulation, you can buy a decent PC for the same money. Or, better yet, why not enjoy the best of both worlds and get a nice PC and a real C=64 (whatever)? smile

A guy posting at one of the "retro" forums has this to say:-

I would go so far as to say it's a cynical attempt to sell a low spec modern pc on the back of people's fond memories of a classic machine.

Perhaps he's right.

My own take is that whilst there may be great fun to be had in building your own "retro machine" (or simply enhancing an original), buying a new one is a bit, err ... naff. A bit like buying a new "Mini" in fact.

OK ... now I'm standing by to be flamed by all those proud owners of those hideous (large, at least) "Minis". But, on the other hand, should we expect anyone to come on here and actually admit to having one of those things? think

* Already done, of course.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.