More from down 32K memory lane ... does anyone have any BBC Micro bits and pieces that they want rid of (and can't be bothered bunging on eBay)?

I'm interested in complete machines, in working condition or otherwise. And also in add-on boards, interfacing hardware, and ROM software. Hardware, software (all except games, which are not really my thing). I've never had a go with any of the second processor boxes that used to be available (although I remember a Z-80 add-on board made by Torch). But there was a second (faster) 6502 processor made by Acorn also. Anyone got one of those gathering dust up in the attic?

I'm especially on the look-out for the "Inter-Base" ROM by Computer Concepts. This was a brilliant BASIC-like language with many database-related commands. I had it once, but let it go during one of my previous lives (28 years ago now)!

Also looking for a PACE Nightingale modem (... remember them? I had one of those, too) ... I'm wondering if it could be adapted to work with modern technology (SMS to mobile phones, for example). Wondering too about the possibility of USB with the BBC Micro (I've already got one with an internal 1 GB hard-drive, and another with a Compact Flash Card "drive"). Oh yes, the Mad Professor is at it again!

Cash waiting. Can collect! smile

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