The Valiant, the Vulcan and the Victor. They each had their slice of history. For instance, the Valiant dropped the first operational British atomic bomb at Maralinga, and then (only seven months later) the first British H-Bomb (it had taken off from Christmas island). Then there was the tragic loss of life when the "round-the-world" Vulcan crashed in foul weather at Heathrow. Most folk these days will recall the epic bombing mission from Ascension Island to Port Stanley. But my own favourite was the Victor. What a magnificent, powerful, and handsome (?) machine! Definitely "fit for purpose"!

But ... the list of brilliant post-war British aircraft is (was) almost endless ... Hunter, Lightning ... TSR-2, Concorde etc. smile

Next topic ... British missiles - Blue Streak (carried by the V-bombers), Blue Steel (rocket) et al.

But meanwhile ... back to computers. Here's a great site about early British computers. All largely forgotten now, it would seem.

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