Meanwhile, I know the whereabouts of what can only be described as a "van load" of BBC Micro stuff (twenty BBC Micro's, five Masters, an "Oak" special BBC Micro, an Acorn Risc PC 700 with 486 board, four dot-matrix printers, monitors, boxes of ROM's, floppy discs, 15 or more disk drives of various type and configuration, boxes of cables and leads, EPROM programmer, books, magazines, ... etc., etc.).

The asking price is 1,500 for the job-lot, on an all or nothing basis (the stuff is worth in excess of twice that amount, I would say) and you would need to arrange collection.

Anyone interested in such a bargain of classic memorabilia (certainly something with which to while away the long winter evenings, at least) could do far worse than get in touch by PM. smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.