Yes ... and so it goes on. frown

Meanwhile, I hope you're not referring to yourself there, Robert.

But if you are ... perhaps it's time to consider setting up our Own Gang, Mate. Many people (well, a few, here and there) ask me about doing that, and whether there could be a "place in the team" for them. I always try to respond in positive vein, but very few that I meet are actually willing (able, whatever) to take things forward.

Just look (if you have the stomach for it) at the news again today. All Doom and Gloom, as usual. But when it all goes down the pan (as it looks increasingly like doing), there will still be a need for blokes who can actually do things (like fixing kit, for example) rather than just counting things (or whatever). As an Old Mate remarked only yesterday:- "Hold your nerve, and keep your powder dry"! smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.