It's been a while since we posted here, so these are from the Edinburgh Fringe...

I keep randomly shouting out ‘Broccoli’ and ‘Cauliflower’ I think I might have florets.
Olaf Falafel

Someone stole my antidepressants. Whoever they are, I hope they’re happy.
Richard Stott

What’s driving Brexit? From here it looks like it’s probably the Duke of Edinburgh.
Milton Jones

A cowboy asked me if I could help him round up 18 cows. I said, ‘Yes, of course. That’s 20 cows.'
Jake Lambert

A thesaurus is great. There’s no other word for it.
Ross Smith

Sleep is my favourite thing in the world. It’s the reason I get up in the morning.
Ross Smith

I accidentally booked myself onto an escapology course; I’m really struggling to get out of it.
Adele Cliff

After learning six hours of basic semaphore, I was flagging.
Richard Pulsford

To be or not to be a horse rider, that is Equestrian.
Mark Simmons

I’ve got an Eton-themed advent calendar, where all the doors are opened for me by my dad’s contacts.
Ivo Graham